Buy physical products in the metaverse as NFTs

Visit Boson Portal in DCL
What is boson portal?
a commerce bridge
between the virtual
and real worlds
Experience new frontiers in self-expression, digital culture and decentralized commerce. Boson Portal is a rich and vibrant space of experimentation and exploration, providing the unique ability to connect and bridge the virtual and physical worlds.
Boson Portal is located in Decentraland
and can be found using map coordinates:


Visit Boson Portal in DCL
First of its kind
metaverse commerce experience
Join unique virtual experiences, from commerce to culture and innovation.


Experience browsing and buying products from established brands as well as Web3 sellers and creators launched exclusively in Boson Portal.


From special guests to virtual-physical live events, the event space was designed for hosting large scale celebrations - it’s a place for everyone to come together!

Limited edition drops

Be the first to join limited product launches and unique edition drops supported with innovative in-game mechanics!

Fashion shows and launches

Join fashion shows and product drops with an innovative environment and metaverse-first experience.

Register for our Boson Portal launch event on 18 Nov 2021
What is Boson Portal?

Boson Portal is a virtual lifestyle and cultural playground located in Decentraland. A space for brands and partners to experiment with opportunities that exist between the physical and virtual worlds and the experiences that bridge them.

How can I access Boson Portal?

Boson Portal is located in Decentraland and can be found using map coordinates: -75,108.

Do I need an account to visit Boson Portal?

No, you don’t need to have an account. You can take a look around Boson Portal in Decentraland as a guest. However, in order to get the best experience, you need to connect your digital wallet to Decentraland account (MetaMask recommended).

How can I get involved as a partner?

In the Metaverse everything is possible and we strive to create the most unique experiences! Please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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