Your ultimate Metaverse game experience and chance to enter a prize pot of

What is Qube

Welcome to Qube, your chance to win $BOSON tokens and have lots of fun whilst doing so!

Enter the Qube for a journey charged with electrifying adventure and full of reward. By completing the puzzles, you will be in for a chance of winning an increasing amount of $BOSON across multiple seasons of gameplay.

For Season 1, 21 winners will share a prize pot of 50,000 $BOSON! Plus, 100 people will receive 1,000XP to increase their chances of winning at the last season – the Grand Finale.

The Hypercube is a fourth dimensional portal into the fabric of the Universe. With the use of advanced technology, intelligent lifeforms have been able to occupy and contain a perceivable 4D space. This became possible on Earth during the year 2021 with the creation of a decentralised, simulated metaverse. Due to its nature, its existence was guaranteed for millennia, handing a lifeline of information to future lifeforms. They knew that it existed at this point in time.

The earlier they could split the universe, the earlier quintillions of future beings could be enlightened with a new technology, the Boson Protocol. The first lifeform to simultaneously exist within multiple universes was named Quark. Their existence as a persistent consciousness was contained in code, within the Qube. The nature of the metaverse provided the energy to maintain life, but it was scarce and difficult to manifest. They needed help.

Humans were not aware. Although capable, a psychological construct limited their potential at this point in time. It was decided that direct contact would be chaotic and ineffective. The most probable outcome for success was to create a game. A form of entertainment that would motivate and entice humans to participate.

Humans flock to the Qube in their thousands, consolidating the power source and enabling Quark to summon further entities into existence. The future beings can split the universe and alter the path of time for all sentient life. Corporations begin to join as they welcome their newly established visitors, the more visionary organisations grasping to get an edge of this new revolution ahead of the competition.


Corporations of the future will play a part. There will be those that lobby to maintain the status quo. Their presence, although not as powerful as within the Qube, will be facilitated by current internet technologies. There are equally those that wish to embrace the new technology, providing Humans with power-ups and boosts to complete their tasks within the Qube.


Multidimensional beings from the 4th dimension, bring the boson protocol technology into this world with the help of humans. The puzzles revolve around players collecting power cells to energise a metaphysical machine at the center of the Qube.


1 prize of 10,000 $BOSON
5 prizes of 5,000 $BOSON
15 prizes of 1,000 $BOSON
100 prizes of 1,000XP

Prizes will be awarded free of gas fees.
The first season will be played in 4 ‘Event Periods’ during long weekends (Friday to Sunday), running from 19 Nov-12 Dec.

Upon the Qube Grand Finale season (coming in 2022), your total XP points will increase your chances to win the final grand prize. Every 100XP gained during any of the Qube seasons will count as 1 Ticket towards the final grand prize draw.

Draw and how you will be notified if you win

There will be a random draw at the end of the season to generate the winners. The draw will happen on 14 December 2021 at 4pm UTC for Season 1. We will divulge winners on our social media, the Boson Portal website, and our page on Medium.

Winners will receive their prize automatically on their Ethereum address connected to Decentraland. No communication from or to our team will be necessary. Due to the privacy settings of Decentraland and Ethereum, we will not know the identity of the winners.

Beware of scammers: we never DM you first. Our official Twitter account is certified by the Twitter blue Verified badge.

How to win

  • TL;DR:

  • Play Qube during one of the event periods.

  • Complete the quest successfully and in time and you’ll get a POAP.

  • Each POAP is a ticket to a draw.

  • You can earn 1 POAP per event period (a long weekend).

  • After 4 event periods, a random draw will be made to select 121 winners.

  • The prize pot is 50,000 $BOSON.

  • If you share this promotion on Twitter you will have the chance to enter an additional prize pot of 20,000 $BOSON.


The full details

Playing Qube is totally free. The first season of the Qube will contain a single quest to solve. To play the Qube quest, you must accept all terms and conditions and have an active Metamask account, with the associated browser plug-in installed.

Winners will be selected based on a random draw according to the number of POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocol) that they have earned. Players earn POAPs by successfully completing the Qube during active ‘Event Periods’.

‘Event periods’ are the active promotional days when players enter Qube and are eligible to earn a chance to win one of the prizes in the prize pot. These are Friday-to-Sunday events, as flagged in the Qube promotional schedule and listed in Decentraland.Event periods for the first season:

How to play

You will be limited to one attempt of the Qube quest per day (24 hours). During ‘Event Periods’, this participation will entitle users to earn POAPs to enter the prize draw. Outside of ‘Event Periods’, users can practice but do not qualify for the prize draw.

To complete the Qube quest, users need to collect 4 Pickups (Power Cores) within the time limit.


At each ‘Event Period’, if you successfully complete the Qube quest, you will be rewarded with 1 POAP (which entitles you to a ticket to the Season’s prize pot), and 100 XP, which entitles you to an additional ticket to the prize draw of the last season of Qube, the Grand Finale. Each 100 XP is equivalent to 1 ticket to the prize draw in the Grand Finale.

If you fail to complete the Qube during an active ‘Event Period’, you will get 20 XP, but no POAPs.

For each ‘Event Period’, you can earn a maximum of 1 POAP, regardless of the number of days you played or number of times you won the game. Thus, for Season 1 of the Qube, you can get a maximum of 4 POAPs, thus, 4 tickets to the prize draw.

There is a maximum limit of 10,000 POAPs to be distributed at each ‘Event Period’. So, be fast to play when each ‘Event Period’ starts!

Step-by-step Guide

Please view this step-by-step guide for detailed instructions on how to get started.


Playing outside
event periods

Users are encouraged to practice the game outside of ‘Event Periods’. If you complete the Qube outside the Event Period, you will be rewarded with 100XP. If you play but fail to complete the quest you will be rewarded with 20XP.

Playing outside of ‘Event Periods’ will not qualify for the promotional prize draw in Season 1. The XP garnered outside of the ‘Event Periods’ will be added up and generate tickets for the Grand Finale season in 2022.

Don’t forget that if you participate in the Twitter competition, you can also join a separate prize pot for additional $BOSON prizes!


You can also participate in our Twitter giveaway and be in for an additional chance to win a grand prize of 10,000 $BOSON, or one of the 10 prizes of 1,000 $BOSON.

Terms and Conditions

Tweet the promotional hashtag #DawnOfMetaverse for a chance to enter an additional prize pot of $BOSON 20,000 – see terms below and the Important Legal Notice.

1. Follow @BosonProtocol on Twitter

2. Please tweet this to enter the promotion:
WOW! I’ve just played Qube in Portal, connected by @BosonProtocol. Join me in Decentraland for your chance to win $BOSON

Draw and how you will be notified if you win

We will enter all the Twitter accounts that tweet the hashtag #DawnOfMetaverse and that have followed @BosonProtocol in a random draw.

The draw will happen on 14 December 2021 at 4pm UTC. We will divulge winners on our social media, the Boson Portal website, and our page on Medium.

Winners should get in touch with our team within 14 days of the draw, so we can organize the delivery of the prize. Winners can DM our verified Twitter account @BosonProtocol or send an email to

Beware of scammers: we never DM you first. Our official Twitter account is certified by the Twitter blue Verified badge.

Important Legal Notice

Quest is provided by BMall Limited for our active community to encourage and reward those who are using the Portal. We retain the right to cancel or modify the terms of use of the app at any time, in our sole discretion.

We are not able to issue any rewards to persons who are on any sanction lists maintained by the United Nations, Singapore, the EU, UK or the US or who are in a jurisdiction sanctioned by the same. The payment of rewards to you shall not render you our employee, worker, agent or partner or imply a similar relationship. We make no representation regarding any tax obligations (“Tax”) arising out of or connected to your participation, including the receipt of any rewards, and at no time shall we be liable for payment of the same. You are responsible for all Tax payable in connection therewith.

By accessing this app, you warrant that you are of legal age and that you will comply with any laws applicable to you and not engage in any illegal activities. Any conduct by you that appears to be unlawful, malicious, or criminal in nature will immediately disqualify you from use.

None of the information available on this app, or made otherwise available to you in relation to its use, constitutes any legal, tax, financial or other advice. Where in doubt as to the action you should take, please consult your own legal, financial, tax or other professional advisors.

We will not be liable for any loss, whether such loss is direct, indirect, special or consequential, suffered by any party as a result of their use of this app.

Please also read our privacy policy:

You may enter the Twitter Giveaway only once. Using multiple identities or devices in an attempt to circumvent the rules is not permitted. Duplicate submissions will not increase the chance of winning. If you use fraudulent methods or otherwise attempt to circumvent the Terms and Conditions of the Twitter Giveaway, your submission may be disqualified at our sole discretion. This giveaway is done on Twitter. Twitter does not sponsor, administer, endorse or bear liability for this promotion. By entering this giveaway, you also agree to Twitter’s Privacy Policy and Twitter rules.